Friday, March 13, 2015

N2NY joins GON2 to showcase the Empire State and city.

Gon2 is happy to announce that N2NY has joined the family of exotic travel and information. Gon2 , your "shortcut to the world"will be launching a special portal for the greatest city on Earth, in appreciation for the amazing contributions of the people and the industries that make it so unique.
Without a doubt, NY has and continues to pay its' dues. 

Even in the South it's nice to have a Yankee Connection, and Gon2 is that connection. 
You absolutely have to visit NY. 
If you've gon2ny, tell us about it and what we can expect.
New York is going places and we are Gon2.

Want to make it greater? We need you. Talk to us.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The greatest city in the world is getting a new shortcut to the world!

I am happy to announce that the greatest city in the world will have a new shortcut soon. Can you guess the destination? I know there will be some dispute over the "greatest" title, so if you want to post your feedback,please do. Please keep it short and sweet. More news later. Thanks, Mr.Bill