Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Mike is going places, and we are

Here is the info about Mike that I read on his website. It really made me think about what it takes to be a real leader. I like all the other dems, but he is the most experienced and sincere, in my opinion. Check him out here. And don't forget to vote for somebody!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Song and Rants! Finally, the true expression we have all been waiting for.

Today ushers in a new era of freedom of speech. Now you may climb up on the musical soapbox and deliver your meaningful message to the masses without worry or fear of retaliation by dream crushing imperialist and other proponents of the norm. I declare my rights to battle any enemies of freedom with my music and lyrics. I shall deliver my SONG and RANTS to the oppressed and forgotten masses throughout the world. And we need you, too. Stay tuned, it's gonna be a wild ride.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Welcome to your world. You are going places! We are gon2!

Hi there,
 I'm Bill Read and you probably are wondering what GON2 is all about.
 It's about wonderful people and awesome places that inspire us to visit our world. And then, tell someone who, what, when, and where you went.
 And why you would recommend it (or not) to a friend or family member.
 Gon2 is a statement and a question.
 It is the past (I have gone to...) the present (I am going to...) and the future( are you going, too?) 
 So Who is gon2? I am, You are, They are.
 Gon2 is: a website, travel portal, destination, geography lesson rating system, selection tool, venue, event ,club, biz, service, idea, invention, concept, social hub, adviser, listing program, tool, game pen pal finder, company, shortcut, invitation, dictionary, atlas,map, reporter, news source, weather source, media marketer, country finder, state finder, mediator, peacemaker, innovator, incubator, advertiser public relations promoter economic developer moneymaker, search engine portal, type in, publisher, content developer, url creator, domain name creator, living entity, fan club song, band, poem, music label, invitation, open eye, open ear, open mouth, open mind, open heart, open soul, open hand, open door, open invitation, collaboration, spirit, promise, project, dream, partner, and anything I left out!
The one thing it isn't, is complete. 
That's where you come in!
 Join Gon2
 Free lifetime membership. Please leave a comment below.
 You are going places, and we are GON2.

Friday, July 17, 2015

RISE of the EBRANGELIST the Circuit Riding Sales Rep

You know the type. 
You can spot them a mile away.
In the din of noise, their voice raises above the crowd.

They command attention and they reverberate the message of their passion and their pride.
Like an evangelist they carry a prophetic vision of things to come. And things left behind.
They come from all faiths, all cultures and all political factions, but they rep the one true brand, theirs.
Welcome to the RISE of the EBRANGELIST.
What is their purpose? 

What is their plan?
Why do we despise them? Why do we love them?
Do they matter? Can we believe them? Are their rants the truth, or are they self serving?
So many questions. So many different answers.  

So what is an EBRANGELIST?
An EBRANGELIST is a person that believes in a higher power, the family, the brand and the products which the brand supplies.
They believe in the markets and the people that they serve. They believe in themselves and are confident that they are able to solve difficult problems with innovation and inspiration. They pump it up,
promote it , brag on it, swear by it, spotlight it, sing about it, defend it, dream about it and live by it.
Unlike a super hero, they have no super powers to rely on.
They have no magic dust to sprinkle. They are not hypnotist or mind controllers. They can not see the future.
They are everyday people who teach and listen to the congregation we call humanity.

An EBRANGELIST may seem over confident sometimes, and they may appear one sided, but they are clearly serving you by extolling the virtues, features and benefits of their brand.
At least in their heart and soul.
If you are, then tell us all about your brand.

You are going places and we are


Friday, June 19, 2015

It might be Fathers Day, but I still vote for mothers!

Fathers Day is almost here. It's nice to be recognized as being a dad.
Thank you, however I would rather give this day up for two Mothers days. Why? Because dads have one purpose most of the time, and mothers have more than one.
 You know what they are. Dad might bring home some bacon, but mom has to fry it, do most of the dishes and other cleaning after she has worked just as hard all day as dad. That's a good woman according to men.
I would be honored to be called a HARD WORKING MOTHER! 

Alas, I don't even compare to the description of my beloved wife and I owe her an apology and an explanation. I cannot keep up with her. 
She is a DYNAMOTHER. Not a dinosaur, but a power producing love machine that keeps the lights glowing and provides warmth and soothes with her coolness.
Me? I whine a lot and sit on my butt,in my favorite chair, watching meaningless tv and wondering how to save the world.
I've got it! (light bulb overhead)
I'll surrender my Fathers Day to Moms all over the world! World saved
Happy Mothers Day 2, to Donna and our mothers
 I'll try harder,


Monday, May 18, 2015

IP, and why I do it!

 When it comes to intellectual property, I admit, I am more of a dreamer than an intellect. An intellect relies on intelligence. A dreamer relies on creativity.
 An intellect works hard on the factual intelligence, the dreamer works on building and starting that intelligence on the dream they envision. The two need each other, like an architect and a builder, a writer and a publisher, and a chicken and an egg.
 Without each other there is nothing.
 For some reason the word Dreamer has lots of social stigma attached. It implies laziness, lack of focus, self indulgence, ego, and a host of other negative connotations. On the other hand a builder or architect is an admired individual who works hard and completes the task.
 Is there such a thing as a hybrid mix of the two? A dreamer/doer?
 Yes, and they are called entrepreneurs. Anyone can be one.
 If dreaming hurts your head, start doing. If doing hurts your body, start dreaming.
 If you ache all over, then start all over with exercises in mind, body and spirit. I do my daily exercise in my home where it's usually quiet. I clear my mind and then look around and ask myself what needs to be invented, improved, promoted, discarded, or saved.
 If it is an object, I give it a quick evaluation and make a decision as to where it will be moved. 
 If it is a concept , I will decide it's feasibility and file it for consideration and future development.  Sometimes I just see if it's been done before. If it has , I try to improve and embellish on it.
 Better mousetraps and wheels can always be reinvented. No telling what spins off, even if you get a little challenged. 
 Call your idea something and it will haunt you until you complete it.
 Worse case scenario, someone steals it and makes it better. That will make you inspirational and that is a very great accolade. 
 Make a name for yourself, then develop it .
   You are going places, and we are gon2.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Nepal rescue links update!

American Jewish World Service:
The Salvation Army:
International Medical Corps:
Handicap International:
Mercy Corps:
Catholic Relief Services:
Habitat for Humanity International:
Global Giving:
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee:
World Vision:
Red Cross:
United Nations World Food Program:
Samaritan’s Purse:
Save the Children:
Lutheran World Relief:
The Jewish Federations of North
SOS: Children’s Villages International:
Doctors Without Borders:

MAP International: