Friday, March 6, 2020 introduces Uncle Joe Biden

If you want to know more about Joe Biden click Uncle Joe Biden.  I like him and endorse him. He is going places, and we are This opinion approved and paid for by Good luck, Joe!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Where is gon2 going?

I get this question all the time and the answer is always changing. Depending on what we are working on determines our destination. We really like a lot of geographical points of travel, but often we explore concepts and ideas that may or may not have an earthly boundary. We are in pursuit of answers so we start from here and go to the source. We don't lead you there, or try to get you there, you lead and we follow you.
Why? Because you are going places, and we are gon2. If you are looking for a random place to go or want to check out some new destination for information here are some links:
 For the music industry try Mucycle or maybe Prosedit. There are also places like Songvey and the Pitchinsink.
If all these links give you a headache try N2dr where you can find a cure.

Oh, you want to travel? How about Tennessee at which will be coming soon!
Gon2 is growing every day. Just like you. If we can imagine it, we will share it, with you and our world. Thanks for your comments and support. Come back soon.

Happy Spring!

I hope 2020 is your year to realize how amazing your life really is. 
Even if we don't know each other on a first name basis, we both have a lot in common. I want to hear from you this year and encourage you to start or refresh a blog that will bring you closer to your destination or goal.

 Starting a blog, or an open diary, sounds like a lot of work and commitment. And it can be daunting. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and then we feel powerless. Doubt enters our minds and we might feel inadequate and insignificant.
 Who will read my blog?
 What do I bring to the worlds table?
 Who cares about my opinions, dreams, or skills and talents?
It really doesn't matter, at least you're able to be yourself and have people like you to relate with.

I know how brilliant you are. I also know that you have many admirers and they need your infinite "wisdom of the world", (updated frequently) or they will just pine away into a lonely abyss.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get dismal at a time when we need joy and  faith in humanity.Now is the time to" reflect and project" our positive principles for the future of us all.

 Thank you for all you do for us, we humbly await your next expression.

 You are going places, we are gon2.

Does Branding Really Hurt?

"I'm good with faces, it's the names I can't remember!"

Have you ever made this statement? I must admit, I have, and I'm not gonna lie and get myself in more trouble trying to explain away my human limitations. Why do we recognize faces but suffer from brain lag when it comes to peoples names? Can you remember the name of the girl with the dragon tattoo, or do you just remember her tattoo? Her name was Harriet. Ok, I cheated and looked it up on wikipedia. I have often heard of secret societies that match names and personalities with cryptic mental imaging of the third kind. What would we have to sell to acquire such super powers?
Perhaps we just need to reinvent the name tag. Problem solved, don't leave home without one.