Sunday, April 26, 2015

I don't work for Google, Google works for me!

We all want to work for a great company, and Google is one of my favorites. So is Amazon and Yahoo and Facebook and (you get the idea put your name here).
The best employer you can have is yourself.

Set your own hours,eat snacks,give yourself a raise,take a nap and on and on.
But, it can also be the worst job you ever had.Unsteady, low pay,no respect.

Ever been there?
I have and some times external forces make it impossible to make money and just fit in! Maybe we are trying too hard.
If you want to meet the hardest working people in the world look at an entrepreneur. They wish a week was 40 hours. They wish money grew on trees, and they wish someone would acknowledge them and their contribution to the world.
I'm still working on mine. Are you?

Together we are the hardest working people we know! Let's support each other!
This is our bottom line, have a wonderful life! 

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