Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is gon2 really worth 18 million?

I recently did an appraisal on the gon2.com domain name and was surprised to find out that someone out there thought it was worth 18,630,835.00.Check it out here.
 I know what you're gonna say. LOL selling it! But even if the next quote was a penny, I'd still have an average of over nine million in net worth. 
Like you ,I'd like to know how these values are calculated and what factors determine the valuation.
 Let's get real.
 If you had a direct connection to every country in the world and helped them develop their tourism and economy,what would the value be? 
The value  of the world in US dollars is aprox. 250 Trillion. If a you earned one tenth of 1 percent to this value the amount would be 25 billion. How would you like a piece of that pie?
 Then do something for your world.
This is a forward looking statement, because we're moving forward.
You are going places, We are gon2!

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