Monday, May 18, 2015

IP, and why I do it!

 When it comes to intellectual property, I admit, I am more of a dreamer than an intellect. An intellect relies on intelligence. A dreamer relies on creativity.
 An intellect works hard on the factual intelligence, the dreamer works on building and starting that intelligence on the dream they envision. The two need each other, like an architect and a builder, a writer and a publisher, and a chicken and an egg.
 Without each other there is nothing.
 For some reason the word Dreamer has lots of social stigma attached. It implies laziness, lack of focus, self indulgence, ego, and a host of other negative connotations. On the other hand a builder or architect is an admired individual who works hard and completes the task.
 Is there such a thing as a hybrid mix of the two? A dreamer/doer?
 Yes, and they are called entrepreneurs. Anyone can be one.
 If dreaming hurts your head, start doing. If doing hurts your body, start dreaming.
 If you ache all over, then start all over with exercises in mind, body and spirit. I do my daily exercise in my home where it's usually quiet. I clear my mind and then look around and ask myself what needs to be invented, improved, promoted, discarded, or saved.
 If it is an object, I give it a quick evaluation and make a decision as to where it will be moved. 
 If it is a concept , I will decide it's feasibility and file it for consideration and future development.  Sometimes I just see if it's been done before. If it has , I try to improve and embellish on it.
 Better mousetraps and wheels can always be reinvented. No telling what spins off, even if you get a little challenged. 
 Call your idea something and it will haunt you until you complete it.
 Worse case scenario, someone steals it and makes it better. That will make you inspirational and that is a very great accolade. 
 Make a name for yourself, then develop it .
   You are going places, and we are gon2.

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