Friday, June 19, 2015

It might be Fathers Day, but I still vote for mothers!

Fathers Day is almost here. It's nice to be recognized as being a dad.
Thank you, however I would rather give this day up for two Mothers days. Why? Because dads have one purpose most of the time, and mothers have more than one.
 You know what they are. Dad might bring home some bacon, but mom has to fry it, do most of the dishes and other cleaning after she has worked just as hard all day as dad. That's a good woman according to men.
I would be honored to be called a HARD WORKING MOTHER! 

Alas, I don't even compare to the description of my beloved wife and I owe her an apology and an explanation. I cannot keep up with her. 
She is a DYNAMOTHER. Not a dinosaur, but a power producing love machine that keeps the lights glowing and provides warmth and soothes with her coolness.
Me? I whine a lot and sit on my butt,in my favorite chair, watching meaningless tv and wondering how to save the world.
I've got it! (light bulb overhead)
I'll surrender my Fathers Day to Moms all over the world! World saved
Happy Mothers Day 2, to Donna and our mothers
 I'll try harder,


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