Friday, July 17, 2015

RISE of the EBRANGELIST the Circuit Riding Sales Rep

You know the type. 
You can spot them a mile away.
In the din of noise, their voice raises above the crowd.

They command attention and they reverberate the message of their passion and their pride.
Like an evangelist they carry a prophetic vision of things to come. And things left behind.
They come from all faiths, all cultures and all political factions, but they rep the one true brand, theirs.
Welcome to the RISE of the EBRANGELIST.
What is their purpose? 

What is their plan?
Why do we despise them? Why do we love them?
Do they matter? Can we believe them? Are their rants the truth, or are they self serving?
So many questions. So many different answers.  

So what is an EBRANGELIST?
An EBRANGELIST is a person that believes in a higher power, the family, the brand and the products which the brand supplies.
They believe in the markets and the people that they serve. They believe in themselves and are confident that they are able to solve difficult problems with innovation and inspiration. They pump it up,
promote it , brag on it, swear by it, spotlight it, sing about it, defend it, dream about it and live by it.
Unlike a super hero, they have no super powers to rely on.
They have no magic dust to sprinkle. They are not hypnotist or mind controllers. They can not see the future.
They are everyday people who teach and listen to the congregation we call humanity.

An EBRANGELIST may seem over confident sometimes, and they may appear one sided, but they are clearly serving you by extolling the virtues, features and benefits of their brand.
At least in their heart and soul.
If you are, then tell us all about your brand.

You are going places and we are


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