Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Welcome to your world. You are going places! We are gon2!

Hi there,
 I'm Bill Read and you probably are wondering what GON2 is all about.
 It's about wonderful people and awesome places that inspire us to visit our world. And then, tell someone who, what, when, and where you went.
 And why you would recommend it (or not) to a friend or family member.
 Gon2 is a statement and a question.
 It is the past (I have gone to...) the present (I am going to...) and the future( are you going, too?) 
 So Who is gon2? I am, You are, They are.
 Gon2 is: a website, travel portal, destination, geography lesson rating system, selection tool, venue, event ,club, biz, service, idea, invention, concept, social hub, adviser, listing program, tool, game pen pal finder, company, shortcut, invitation, dictionary, atlas,map, reporter, news source, weather source, media marketer, country finder, state finder, mediator, peacemaker, innovator, incubator, advertiser public relations promoter economic developer moneymaker, search engine portal, type in, publisher, content developer, url creator, domain name creator, living entity, fan club song, band, poem, music label, invitation, open eye, open ear, open mouth, open mind, open heart, open soul, open hand, open door, open invitation, collaboration, spirit, promise, project, dream, partner, and anything I left out!
The one thing it isn't, is complete. 
That's where you come in!
 Join Gon2
 Free lifetime membership. Please leave a comment below.
 You are going places, and we are GON2.

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